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Viwar is an augmented reality app
that allows you to transform any
print image into a multimedia and
interactive content through your
mobile phone.

How does it work on a catalogue, magazine or offline advertisement

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It enhances the experience

Viwar transforms a static image into a multimedia content. It allows to display the following formats:
– Explainer videos
– Image transitions
– 3D product renderings
– Links to websites and social networks
– Access to technical and product files in PDF format

It increases interaction

Viwar brings more visits to digital platforms thanks to the possibility of adding direct links to the website or social networks.

Innovation at the service of users and advertisers

The app allows to offer augmented reality service to advertisers who wish to promote the products and services of their business by improving and surprising the experience of their customers.
For users, it is a free and well-known app with which they can access to visualize the content that advertisers have prepared for them.

Interaction, experience, technology


Viwar brings added value to the promotion of brands and projects: catalogues that become interactive, ads that transforms into video, images that enlarge to 3D.


Discover the endless possibilities of this innovative app to boost your business.

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